Three Specialty Vehicles That Require A Truck Licence

16 March 2021
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

A truck licence might sound like a fairly simple thing, but in reality, it refers to a lot of different classes of vehicles that are broadly defined as trucks. Sometimes, when going for a particular job, applicants will be surprised to learn they actually need a truck licence to be able to drive those vehicles. Going to get a truck licence is relatively easy as long as you are dedicated and pay attention — you just need to know whether or not to go apply for one or not! Here are three specialty vehicles that do require a truck licence to drive.

Armoured Vehicle

If you intend to work as an armoured vehicle operator for a security company or, say, a bank, then you will likely need a truck licence. This is often not due to the number of axles or the length of the truck, but rather the weight. Armoured vehicles are exceptionally heavy and therefore require the same level of expertise as all the other trucks in the different categories. Make sure that the truck licence you are applying for is the one your armoured vehicle will be in, but generally, they are situated in the light-rigid or medium-rigid class of vehicles.

Livestock Transportation

If you intend to move any sort of cows, chickens, lambs, goats or anything else on the back of a truck, then you will need a truck licence. These animals sometimes require special care and vehicles to ensure they make the journey unharmed, but that is more specific training you will get on the job. For a truck licence, you will probably be looking at a heavy-combination licence, which is what most livestock transports are classed as. Always be sure to double-check with your employer what vehicles you will be driving so as not to make an error, as truck licences are not all interchangeable. 

Refrigerated Transport

There are many types of refrigerated trucks that are used to move medical supplies, fresh food and other items that require a certain controlled environment. These are generally smaller trucks, but trucks nonetheless. A light-rigid truck licence is the easiest one to get, and the requirements are fairly simple as long as you have a current drivers licence. There are many testing places that specialise in preparing new truck licence applicants on what to do and what to expect. Make sure you visit these at least a few times before you go for your test, no matter what vehicle type you are going for.