Interstate Machinery Transport Tips

29 November 2021
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

Moving heavy machines such as rigs and large plant equipment is not only taxing, it is also dangerous. Therefore, it goes without saying that safety is at the heart of any interstate machinery haul. This article discusses some safety measures that haulage companies and independent transporters should consider when moving heavy machinery. 

Choose A Suitable Route

The easiest route is not always the safest when transporting heavy machinery. Given that most loads are oversized, the road you choose should have wise roads to ensure minimal traffic disturbance. Besides, you should check the route for low lying bridges that could complicate the move. In Australia, there are strict regulations regarding the roads that you can use to transport oversized loads.

Hire An Experienced Crew

An experienced crew is the backbone of any successful move. Typically, it should consist of the following: 

  • Experienced drivers to drive the haulage truck. For long hauls, each truck should have two drivers.
  • The planning team comprises haulage experts who can secure the required permits, communicate with local authorities and conduct reconnaissance expeditions.
  • The engineering team will develop strategies to move the load. For example, they could dismantle the machines if they are too heavy or large. This will help prevent accidents.
  • The emergency team will respond to incidents along the road. For example, a member of the haulage team could become ill. Besides, the haulage truck could develop mechanical problems along the way. 

Mind Other Road users  

Most drivers are not used to oversized or slow-moving trucks as they drive on the road. Therefore, they could react erratically as they approach the haulage truck. This could cause fatal accidents. You can avoid this by ensuring the haulage truck is escorted by pilot vehicles. These are emergency vehicles with warning lights and proper signage to inform other road users to slow down as they approach the truck. 

The haulage convoy could cause traffic snarl-ups along the way. Once this happens, some drivers might want to undertake the haulage truck. This is a recipe for accidents since the truck has many blind spots. However, these situations can be avoided if the haulage convoy makes strategic stops to prevent traffic build-up. If the convoy passes through urban areas, the crew should contact traffic police to help divert traffic and ensure discipline on the road. 

Safety considerations when conducting interstate machinery transport include choosing a suitable route, hiring an experienced crew and minding the safety of other road users. Reach out to an interstate machinery transport service to learn more.