Castor Wheel Special Features for Healthcare Facilities

24 March 2018
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Facility management is a crucial aspect of any industry because it enhances the efficiency of operations. It is partly made possible by castor wheels that allow for smooth movement of equipment. Therefore, if you are a facility manager and want to transition to premises management in the healthcare industry, then you need to be prepared for differences in castor wheel requirements.

The fact that you have previously worked .with castor wheels doesn't necessarily mean that the experience will help in a healthcare facility. The reason for this is that hospitals have unique needs concerning castor wheels. Most importantly, it is prudent to familiarise yourself with castor wheels needs in a hospital environment, and this post sheds more light in this regard.

Central Locking Mechanism

Hospital beds and trolleys have to be moved every so often around tight corners and through busy aisles. As such, castor wheels for hospital equipment have to meet unique motion control needs. With safety being a priority, hospital staff should be able to stop beds or trolleys whenever and wherever necessary. For this reason, all castor tires meant for hospital equipment require a central locking mechanism. The feature allows immediate immobilisation of castor wheels, which prevents erratic movement. Additionally, the function ensures that hospital beds sit squarely in a room, making it easy for patients to get on and off without the bed moving about.

Thread Guards

Unlike trolleys in other industrial environments, hospital beds are covered with sheets that flow to the side. Moreover, medical cords are a common feature in any healthcare facility, and if left unchecked, they might become tangled in the castor wheel, which can cause accidents or delays. Therefore, thread guards are a necessity for tires on hospital beds because they help to prevent sheets and cords from getting caught by the moving parts on the wheels. Therefore, if you are going to work for a healthcare facility, make sure that you order castor wheels with thread guards when the need arises. The feature will prevent delays and accidents.

Silent Caster Wheels

Patients and medical staff need a quiet and peaceful environment. While it is virtually impossible to eliminate all noise, it is your job to do away with unnecessary noise sources as much as possible. One way you can achieve a quiet environment is by going for castor wheels that are made from "quiet" materials. Nylon castor wheels, for instance, are preferred because of their smooth turns irrespective of the floor.